• South Coast Christian Centre "Our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus"


Pastors Gaston and Ruth Nicolas welcomes You!

This Website offers a convenient platform for our Local, National and International friends and visitors to interact with us beyond the limitations of time and space.
We are ever grateful for the advances of Social Media. However, neither it nor Facebook with all the modern-day media facilities, will ever be able to replace the dynamics of a personal and LIVING touch.
People thrive in an atmosphere where LOVE is felt, seen and heard. The ideal space to experience the dynamic of LIFE is found in the social gathering of the Living!
If YOU are sick and hurting and in need of a Divine Miracle, JESUS is just a PRAYER away! Go ahead click on the "Miracle Prayer" link for more details.
Please receive our humble invitation to extend YOUR visit beyond our site, visit us at our Church. To find directions go to "Contact us"

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